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RealTouch Virtual Sex Device for Men

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This is quite possibly the most unique and innovative item I have ever seen. If you aren’t familiar with RealTouch, it’s an interactive sex experience for men that synchronizes with adult videos, so what you see on the screen is what’s happening inside the device….You feel like you’re part of the action! It even heats up to body temperature and self lubricates – completely amazing and trippy and fantastic!

I like what Howard Stern said about it: “This is what I’ve been waiting for my whole life!”

How It Works: During use, it automatically flexes and squeezes for a pleasingly tight fit that mimics the act of real penetration. The soft interior has a supple texture that is as similar as you can get to the feel of actual skin. During use, it lightly strokes your entire length, stimulating touch receptors from the head all the way to the base of the shaft, moving in sync with the actions of your favorite star. The internal lube mechanism releases lube at specific, well-timed moments during video playback, creating an intense, hands-free experience. The heating elements work in tandem, gently raising the temperature inside RealTouch to authentic levels. The heat calms and soothes as it permeates, giving you the distinct sensation of intimate body-to-body contact. Four tiny, yet powerful DC motors act as the relay center for RealTouch. Using electrical signals from your computer, the motors control the pressure, speed and directional movement of the soft interior. See, I told you - completely amazing and trippy and fantastic! The RealTouch Package includes: · The Device (of course!) · 60 Free Vod minutes · Free 3.5 oz lube · 10 Free Encoded Videos (DVD in box) · Male Enhancement application (a series of instructional videos to help you achieve stronger & longer lasting erections NATURALLY) · One Year Warranty

If you or someone you know has ever fantasized about being a part of a favorite adult video, then this is a must-have!
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